The Fox 15th November

Hello there,

I have said I enjoy the sound of words.  I also like making them up. Just for fun here is a small poem by anon which has had an important influence on my writing :-).

The Fox

Forth from his den to steal he stole.

His bag of chink he chunk.

And many a wicked smile he smole

and many a wink he wunk.

It’s six years since I posted this little poem. I’m delighted to see, from the comments posted, that it’s a favourite with others too. I followed up the comment from Angus McPhee below and was thrilled to be sent the scan from his mum’s autograph book. It inspired me to do some more searching and repost the poem in the hope that more info would come up. If you want to know more about this poem please go to my new post, The Fox, a poem of mystery and delight.

7 thoughts on “The Fox 15th November

  1. I first came across this little gem of a poem in the 1960’s in a text book for teaching English, but it was called “The Smiling Villain”. It was accompanied by a cartoon sketch of a shifty character, plainly a burglar who is carrying a bag of swag on his shoulder. He is winking and tapping the side of his nose with a crafty forefinger at the same time. It is a remarkably clever use of words and the sheer fun the poem encapsulates never fails to intrigue and delight. It was lovely to encounter it here on your site.

    • Thanks for that info Derek. I wonder how it then progressed to being called The Fox by anonymous…or it could have been the other way round…i.e. someone could have renamed it?
      But it’s great to know that someone else appreciates it as I do!

  2. I googled these words, because my mother used to say them, with a little grin. And I found them – and your website. I love them too.

  3. On the 17th of July 1917, this was written in the autograph book of my mother (1895-1978). I have just just scanned it. I thought I would check the poem’s origin and came to your website!

    Into the church to steal he stole
    His bag of chink he chunk
    Many a wicked smile he smole
    Many a wink he wunk

    • Hello Angus,
      What a lovely story. Did you see the comment above where Derek found it in a textbook in the 1960s. He didn’t mention if the words were the same I used. And I see your version mentions church. I would love a copy of the scan you took. I could reprint it with the scan and see if anyone else remembers it.
      Thanks for the comment anyway!

      • Hi. Helen.

        Great to hear from you.

        I’ve attached the copy.

        I live in Australia but was born in Mataura, Southland, New Zealand. Hence the reference to Mataura.

        What part of the planet are you in?



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