Hi my name is Helen Mckinlay.  I have never had a blog before …I am also in a process of simplifying my life so goodness knows why I find myself sitting at my computer wondering what to write about in my first post.

Gurglewords…I love words that have rythmn and joy and  seem to come from the gut.  Gurgle comes from the source whether it is water gurgling over stones, happiness busting out from within etc.  It implies movement in the sense of moving on. Enough.  The Tuesday poets have inspired me to blog a poem every Tuesday.

So as it is Tuesday here is a poem.  I called it the 0800 Man.  I really appreciate the ability to ring an 0800 number for assistance.  However there are times when its hard to be heard. I am still a person after all and it is my affairs we are discussing…isn’t it?

The 0800 Man

won’t listen

wants to tell me

how things must be done

which way.

I‘d rather make my own mistakes



The 0800 man

is frightened of mistakes.

At knock off time

they chase him home

clown feet slapping

on the tarmac.


And when it’s dark

they dim the lights.

Enfold him

in pom pom embrace.

Deafen him

with sloppy clown kisses.

Leave greasepaint

on his face.

(c) 2011 Helen McKinlay