Tuesday Poem-Six Haiku by Barbara Strang-Open Haiku Judge of NZ Poetry Society 2012 International Competition

where the house was
hazard tape
                       trembles          Haikai café  in a fine line, NZPS, March 2012
in the courtyard
me and mosquitoes              Kokako 16
clouds crossing clouds
the surfer’s
pink toes                       Kokako 16
chance meeting
his shadow
touches mine                         ice diver NZPS
listening to her —
the wind finds a way
down my neck                        ice diver NZPS
walking over pebbles
her pocket
grows heavy                           Kokako 7


Thanks to Barbara Strang, for permission to share the above.

http://www.headworx.eyesis.co.nz/author/strangb.php   for more info on her work.

Barbara has also generously provided people wishing to enter the above competition for some hints on writing haiku. She says she ”will be searching for well crafted small poems which create what is sometimes dubbed the “aha moment”. They will probably have the following characteristics (adapted from Cyril Childs in New Zealand Haiku Anthology). They will be written in the present tense, using any of the five senses. They will state the message by implication, using sense impressions. They will avoid abstractions, similes, personification and end rhyme. They will be pruned down to one or two images, maybe with an unexpected link between them. They will usually have two parts, sometimes dubbed the “phrase” and “fragment”, and not be complete sentences. There will be little or no punctuation. Many of them will have a natural setting, but some will treat urban/human themes. If they are humorous, concerning the foibles of humans or animals ─ the so-called senyru – they will also be welcome.

Note that the 5/7/5 syllables pattern is no longer a requirement for haiku written in English.

For work by local writers,check out the Haiku New Zealand Showcase at http://www.poetrysociety.org.nz/node/275    Another useful site is http://www.poetrysociety.org.nz/haikunews  ”

The 2012 Annual International Poetry Competition is open for entry. Closing date: 31 May 2012 (entries must be received by this date).

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