Tuesday Poem-Still Life

one guitar

one flower painted jug


until my ink

leaks the boundaries

causes the guitar

to stretch and grow

to nurture life

within its woman curves

and music

exploding from unattached strings

my jug would not hold water

the potters’s hand has strayed

from off the wheel

the painted flowers grow

rampant on the page

but my soul



and zizzes

(c) Helen McKinlay  helenmckinlay.co.nz  

This poem was written in response to a drawing class I was invited to at the last minute.  I was more interested in splashing paint around as a therapeutic response to Feb 22nd in Christchurch but went along anyway.

I was at first disappointed by the subject but the tutor had a novel approach and some very original drawing tools. It was very liberating  and reminded me of the words of Nikos Kazantsakis, philosopher and writer. (His most famous work is Zorba the Greek).

‘I hope for  nothing, I fear nothing, I am free.’


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