Letter for Kiwi Children Anzac Week 2012

This week my blog is dedicated to children.  You will hear a lot about war this week and some of you will go to the many Anzac parades held throughout New Zealand. You may hear stories about NZ heroes, young men who left their country to help save the world. Some of you will feel proud to have a relative who is either in the New Zealand armed forces now, perhaps even serving overseas in somewhere like Afghanistan, or perhaps a grandpa or great uncle who fought in Vietnam.

I have been thinking about Anzac day.  I remember when I was small, how we kids all crowded in to the school hall for the Anzac ceremony. We sang our national anthem, God of Nations and felt so proud to be New Zealanders.

I am still proud to be a Kiwi and I am proud of all you wonderful Kiwi children.  I see so many heroes and heroines among you as you step out into life, ready to experiment with new ways of doing things. Brave as!  And remember bravery is about taking on new challenges,  stepping put of your comfort zone, being scared of looking silly but having a go anyway, whether it be speaking up in class, cooking a cake for the first time, trying hard at a subject/activity you find difficult, sticking up for your friends, and thousands of other big/small things. Be brave be strong.  Believe in yourselves.  Above all enjoy each moment. xxxx 0000 from Helen.

Here is song for you. My kids still remember it from their childhood. It’s called ‘All I Really Need’ and was written by a Canadian called Raffi. It’s about the important things in life really. I hope you have them all in abundance.  To view the lyrics and listen to the music go here.


Raffi is not only a much loved children’s entertainer and singer. His original philosophy, CHILD HONOURING, is gaining support among eminent thinkers as a holistic organizing principle for a culture of peace.  There is lots of information on the internet.  Click here to learn more about his work in Child Honouring.


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