Tuesday Poem-The Restless Bones of Aotearoa

‘So,’ asked the young man

‘you know about Gallipoli?’

Well yes of course it’s always in the papers.’

But what about New Zealand?’ he added.

‘What of when we killed one another?

GatePa, Kaiapoi, Kawhia, Kororareka?’


Kaikoura,’ I rejoined. ‘I walked a hillside there

and felt the cold air rushing through the grasses.

And I have seen the Hawthorn flower in blood red spatters

on the cliffs at Rangihaeata

where  in the tick of night

ancient war cries drift.’


‘And heard the sounds as waves meet rock

where restless bones still lie.’


© Helen McKinlay

Without detracting from the importance of Anzac Day I have to say it has always struck me as odd that we talk so much about our part in war overseas and not much about the many battles which happened here and not too long ago.

This poem is part of a longer poem cycle in which I explore my relationship, (as a pakeha woman) to New Zealand culture past and present.

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