Tuesday Poem-Have You Ever?


In the post office today a small boy asked

‘Have you ever seen a dinosaur?’

I said ‘no I’m not quite old enough.’

Have you?’

He answered ‘yes of course

and its teeth were this big.’


I envied him as one is apt to do.

But do you-know-what?

Next day at the dentist

the waiting room was absolutely full

of dinosaur.


Its tail hung down the front steps.

Its head was in the chair.

And the dentist said ‘say aah and open wide.’

And the dinosaur did.

So the dentist leaned in and was swallowed all up.


After that everybody left

because the other dentist

was off in France on holiday.

And the other one that wasn’t

did a runner.


On the way home I met a small boy.

‘Have you ever seen a dinosaur?’ he asked.

‘Yes of course’ I said.

‘And its teeth were thi-is big!’

© Helen McKinlay

I did meet a small fan of dinosaurs in the post office.  I do envy the ability of children to believe in magical things. I am glad to be adult and possess the ability to distinguish the boundaries between what is real and what is not. (Hmm.)  However I do enjoy thinking in possibilities.

I hesitated about putting this on TP but my older daughter, not having seen this poem or knowing of my dilemna, gave me a chocolate dinosaur today and that settled it!

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