Tuesday Poem-How Do You Know

How do you know

when it’s cold outside

if you are snug within.

Is there dew still

on window panes.

Or are the shadows


Is the sand wet

way above the tide

and the sky

pale in the water.

Have the leaves

left the trees.

And do the woolly sheep


Do the cows

stand in mud

amid the blunted grass.

Is the scrub

made flat by snow

while frost waits

in the shade.

Or is it when the light outside

says five

and yet the clock

chimes three.

(c) Helen McKinlay

I was travelling on a bus in Otago. It was very cold outside but the bus was heated. I started thinking about how it was I knew it was cold outside apart from the fact that I had felt it.  After a lot of thinking I wrote the above. I decided not to use question marks as they are such a distraction.

This poem was first published in ‘ Splash’, Airing Cupboard Women’s Poetry group’s 2009 anthology. (Christchurch).

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