A Thankyou to Tuesday Poem – Poet Whales, Spontaneous Unedited Celebration of a Poet’s Life

This week I am editor of the Tuesday Blog.  This poem is a spontaneous outpouring of  poetivity  in honour of Tuesday Poets!

Poets like whales often move in pods

some are odd


prefer to swim alone.

Others hover often

in the sky

write of pie

and its influence on eagles

flying upside down.

Sometimes these whale poets find themselves

washed up

on the beach

but being what they are

 at once pull out a pencil and take notes.

Ignoring  those

in boats


cover them in wet rags

try to float

them offshore.

(c) Helen McKinlay

This week I am editor of the Tuesday Blog. This blog is curated by Mary McCallum and Claire Beynon.  Thirty poets belong and we all get a turn at editing The Hub or front page. I thought I would have to wait much longer for my turn but I didn’t. 🙂 For my turn, I chose The Cheese Room, a stunning poem by Judy Brown, a new light on the scene of British poetry. Here it is on  Tuesday Poem

It’s a lovely thing, to be trusted with other people’s poetry.  Poets are the most generous of creatures.  Maybe it’s because most of them do it for love as for most of us it is not a money spinner.

I belong to four poetry groups at present…Airing Cupboard Women’s Poets in Christchurch, Boulder Writers in Nelson, and Golden Bay writers Group. The fourth group is the awesome online poetry community known as The Tuesday Poets. I also have affiliations to Live Poets at The Mussel Inn Golden Bay, Nelson Live Poets and in Christchurch, Poetry For Pudding (a live poets group), was my baby.

The Tuesday Poetry Blog is a great place to be.  I have to say thank you to the curators Mary and Claire and to all the poets for the huge selection of really good poetry that appears each week. Sometimes I think it more than I can handle as I am so blown away. But what a great way to go!  I’ll curl up in a bunch of poems any day and take flight.

So I need to say thank you to everyone for the inspiration and also for the support in the way of encouraging comments that fly around the blogosphere each week one to another.  If you haven’t run away already please return to TuesdayPoem and check out the sidebar where we Tuesday Poets live.

6 thoughts on “A Thankyou to Tuesday Poem – Poet Whales, Spontaneous Unedited Celebration of a Poet’s Life

  1. Oh Helen – such a lovely post!! I just got to it today – been run off my little feet – but over coffee this morning, clicked and there it is. A lovely encouraging tribute and such a fun poem and poeming… a keeper. So great to have you on board.

  2. Wonderful whale of a poem. I love the way you image the poets — in the sky, at the beach… but I don’t know any people floating around in boats trying to push them offshore. Then again, offshore is a nurturing place for poetry, too… 🙂

    And I love The Cheese Room. Great seeing you twice this week, Helen!

    • Hi Michelle and thank you …for the comments and the visit 🙂 Offshore is a great place for poets…and so are boats. Hmm it was actually a stream of consciousness poem. I had been writing about whales in another context and listening to them sing. But I have been in a situation of keeping them wet when they are beached so they can be refloated. One always wonders if that’s what they really want.
      In this case I would say the whale poets were writing freely and undeterred by any ‘wet blankets’ as we used to say 🙂

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