Oopses and Mindfulness

I have been thinking a lot about mindfulness lately.  Found an awesome tape to listen to to help my practice  and focus.

And then I find myself pressing the publish button while getting a poem ready for Tuesday.  Hmm ….

So since I trashed that to get rid of it…didn’t know how else to do it??  I am putting in an extra post.

MINDFULNESS   is really an awareness of actions and thoughts…an ability to say to oneself…That thought is not helpful or to just focus on the present instead of letting a myriad of tasks and worries cloud one’s perspective.  It’s about observation and letting go.  It’s about  appreciating the ordinary things of life and discovering the wonder of their ordinariness and the pleasure in simple things… which actually aren’t always that simple!   Doing the dishes…by hand, listening to another, listening to oneself, mowing the lawn, walking,  tidying up, making beds, the list goes on and on.  Above all its practice provides contentment and relaxation.

Here is the link to the awesome tape.   Click here and scroll down to meditations on mindfulness. Click play or press the download button.  Enjoy!

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