Tuesday Poem-Beyond Horizons

I am sailing in a sea

beyond horizons

a pastel wash

the edges blurred


and like a child

I want to trail my fingers

and rub the colours

til they smudge

and tear


until the sea and me

drain down


through the paper hole


although I could weigh anchor

for a while

then take the wind

and skim

across the ocean

on a carven wave

(c) Helen McKinlay

La Voile Jaune-The Yellow Sail

Thanks to Wikimedia Commons for the amazing image above. The artist is Frenchman Odilon Redon.

This poem belongs to my ‘mystical period’ 🙂   I wrote it about a decade ago.  I was partly thinking of those drawings one does as a child…and then there is the rub and smudge thing…and the big hole which would be a consequence and so of course the boat would fall down it or get rubbed out…but I seem to have found another way out which I rather like.

The hub page is edited by Cathy Bateson this week with a  wonderfully vital poem by Australian poet Samuel Wagan Watson.  Visit it here now.

6 thoughts on “Tuesday Poem-Beyond Horizons”

  1. Helen, I love this one. It has such simple language but wraps the reader up in those images… and it feels to me almost like a child’s tale. Have you ever read Edward Lear’s The Jumblies (“they went to sea in a sieve they did…”)? Somehow I thought of that reading this…

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