Tuesday Poem-The Moon’s Pull


At Rototai I walk

to where the tide’s edge

chatters with the gulls.

Through the shelly rocks

past the river swans

cruising down.

Past the small dogs

cowboys galloping

in the salt sand.


On and out                                                                              

through the ocean bed

caught in the moon’s pull.

Ears tuned

to the sound

of a waveless sea

the oyster catchers

prreet prreet

and my own breath.


On and out

in the warm sun

eyes on the floating blue.

But the tide

stretches its tongue

licks my toes

and the land is distant.


Unsure I retreat

head down watching the water

and in the sand

the slither marks

of sea worms

and shapes

of stingray’s nests.

 (c) Helen McKinlay

Rototai Beach, Golden Bay, tide on way back in.

 Rototai, Golden Bay, is one of those very special beaches where the tide disappears into the horizon.  A wonderful peaceful place is that sandscape between sea and shore.  A place to lie and doze in the sun…to be on a distant planet…but there are the tricky bits…the incoming tide…the possibility of cuddling up to a stingray.

I am posting this poem because I am in the area-though as I write it is a wild and stormy night not conducive to walks on a seascape moon.

Please return to Tuesday Poem hub page edited by Helen Lowe and read Kathleen Jone’s wonderful poem.


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