Tuesday Poem-Paint Drizzled Poems

as Hotere can write across his art

and cause a splash

so shall I find fame

by hanging

paint drizzled poems


and as artists fill their foyers

with elucidating words

so I shall place a picture

or a hodge podge of buttons

straw cutouts beads etc.


and in a sunlit space

a skeleton

suspended upside down

to drain away the flesh

sculpted poetry

and the spare words

will be painted white

framed with heart rimu

poetic illumination


and there will be  

a dark poem

a wall of letters

black on black

in a room unlit

unlit so you

can flick the light

and check that there is none

(c) Helen McKinlay

This poem was inspired by art exhibitions which begin with walls covered in words. Also there is the added factor that paintings often contain words…Hmm. It has previously been published in ‘Splash,’ published by Airing Cupboard Women’s Poets in 2009.

At present I am in a part of  Golden Bay which gets infrequent reception which is my excuse for being late this week.
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