Tuesday Poem – Onefulness

A simple poem today based on…take a breath…Yes, a poetry exercise, using words of one syllable. Below is my poem. Maybe you would like to try this exercise too and spread the onefulness.  I invented that word by the way.  Hope you like it.  Someone is already thinking that onefulness has three syllables.  Well spotted 😉 but that’s just the title.


one breath


one out



one hour

one day

one night


one sun

one moon

one earth



one word

two words





which what

which one which hour which day


let go


in and out



one me

one you

one world


each and all


(c) Helen McKinlay


And writing this now, into my mind comes Bob Marley’s song One Love..so if you a fan of his  see here

And most specially two of my favourite people are about to become a unit. My daughter Beth is getting married on Saturday.  We are all very excited about it.  I dedicate this blog page to her and Conrad and wish them much onefulness forever and always.

Please return to the Tuesday Poem Blog and indulge yourself in many poems from many poets coming together onefully once a week on Tuesdays.

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