Tuesday Poem – Statue

Have you ever stood

beside a statue

tentative, yet drawn

by some strange empathy?


And whose need caused you

to stroke a stone cold face

or wrap your arms around

sun warmed bronze?


And did you talk to it

this sculpted block?

Bound in time and place

no voice to say

don’t touch or please

I wish you would.


And did you wonder how

to say goodbye?

Then walk away

aware of eyes behind

and force yourself

not to look back.

(c) Helen McKinlay

Below is a photo of the statue that pushed me to write the above lines.   He lives outside the tourism centre in Timaru.

Captain Henry Cain

Captain Henry Cain

For more about Captain Cain’s interesting life and another perspective of his statue  see here.  And/or  to read Mary McCalllum’s editorial on CK Stead’s poem to Allen Curnow return to Tuesday Poem.

2 thoughts on “Tuesday Poem – Statue

  1. Yes I have. Poor old celebrities – they didn’t ask to be frozen in time and left out in the weather. A sympathetic word in a stone ear and a warm hand on a cold one might be comforting.

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