Tuesday Poem – Leaning on the Fact that We Were There

we were each so focused on ourselves

that summer

coming back to eat or

make confession


not  attending

one to another

but leaning on the fact that we were there

or rather that the others were

for us


yes we  had our own agendas

that summer

though sometimes we ventured out a little

puzzled to have missed

what one had learned


the fledgling to push beyond

safe boundaries

the feathered one

to shake her wings dry


and then there was

the foreign correspondent

who learned to skim the waters

his kite sail lifting in the  storm


and there was one with eagle eyes

who  arrived in fairer weather

and viewed the piled up dishes

with disgust


and all the while the elders

trod the depths inbetween

and sometimes pulled the plug

or swam with dolphins

(c) Helen McKinlay


'Stonehenge' The stones leaning on the fact they each is there
The stones leaning on the fact that each is there

I wrote this poem several years ago.  The joys of being with family and their friends in the summer are many.  And that was a good one…a time for us all to reassess priorities in a safe place…to have fun in the sun and for each to do their own thing and come back and share the results. Looking at this photo of Stonehenge I could see the parallells …some leaning into the group, others off on their own but all reliant on each other for their main identity…Stonehenge. The above poem was published in Boulder Writers 3 (Boulder Press Nelson, 2011).

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