SPAIN: FLAMENCO By Dolores de Leon


MARIO: Guitarist

Pineapple on a window sill
In the early a. m. of Spain.
(Sun by Matisse).

I hear the shimmer of trills,
High grass, and river flowing with shawl fringe.

Water rippling through guitar strings,
Giving promises that God is a Lady
With a rose in her hair and perfume
At her breasts.

CHENIN: Singer

The coarse edge to his big voice.
The whole land, like moldy earth,
Held in his closed hands.

(I taste Spain under my tongue)

His sound shapes itself around the words
And they fall away from inside, leaving
Empty, crying, spaces.


Beyond her heels, the click of details:
Head, hands, eye, skirt, fan, shawl, shoulders,
Ripple from her center, touch on each other,
Never overlap.

Or she pauses, holding stillness in her body.
Then bends low,
In a long curve, shawl outstretched behind her,
A great bird’s wing slowly turns.

(c) Dolores de Leon

Dolores de Leon flamenco dancer

Dolores de Leon
flamenco dancer

Many thanks to Dolores for permission to publish this beautiful poem.

Dolores says

‘I had been a flamenco dancer performing in San Francisco for five years when I met a pure-blooded Spanish Gypsy, himself a flamenco guitarist. He convinced me to go to Spain and study with his family in Seville. It has been the joy of my life to know this clan, study their art of flamenco, and perform with them. It was after returning from Spain that I began to write poetry, short stories, and my book, Gypsy Flamenco, based on my time studying and performing with this clan of Gypsies.’

For more information and to read some of her stories and poems please go to Dolores’ website here

The world of flamenco poetry is a new  one for me.  A few weeks back I was inspired to research it when I  came upon a BBC article and video on you tube.  To quote the article ‘Flamenco flash mobs – seemingly spontaneous dance and song performances – have been taking place in banks not just in Seville, but all over Andalusia, causing short, if amusing disruptions to the working day.’ To read the article and watch the stunning video of modern day flamenco in everyday Andalusian life click   here.   NB the accompanying words are embedded in the video. Enjoy and have a happy week.

And now please return to Tuesday Poets and read the variety of poetry from this enthusiastic and dedicated group of poet bloggers.

2 thoughts on “SPAIN: FLAMENCO By Dolores de Leon

  1. I like the movement in the dance and the poetry here. And there are birds everywhere this week at Tuesday Poem — I just read about Sparrows at Helen Lowe’s blog. Love the last line of this poem — beautiful image.

    And FLAMENCO FLASH MOBS — wow, must share this, too, especially today since we’re in the midst of a flash mob writing challenge. What a colourful, warm person Dolores sounds like. Thanks for sharing this!

  2. Thanks Michelle. Yes that last line is great isn’t it. What I love about the flamenco form …music dance poetry…is the focus and mindfulness which the artists exhibit…without taking away from the passion. I find it very powerful.

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