Tuesday Poem – Letting Go

walking home on Sundays

past the bodgies

slouched by the wall

winklepicker shoes pointed

ready to flick

quick snap


we focus on their ankles

garbed in socks

of shocking pink and lime

the colours of the words


on the love hearts

we buy from the milk bar


and then there are the spearmints

chocolate centred

saved for later

stretched out on the bed

reading Girls Crystal


at thirteen I let go of church

I cannot keep the faith

when forced 

to poise a hat

on top of straight hair


and sticky out ears


I don’t let go of love hearts


Girls Crystal - a comic for schoolgirls produced in the UK and exported to the colonies

Hmm this edition’s a bit before my time…but the same comic,  which incidentally later became School Friend…now that was something to drool spearmint dribbles over….

If some lines seem familiar you may have read my experimental exercise on mixing poems here Letting Go was first published in the 2010 NZ Poetry Society Anthology ‘Across the Fingerboards.’

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