Tuesday Poem – Roly Poly

do you remember


over and over

down a green hill?


do you remember

the freedom

and the touch of the earth

as it massaged your bones?


and what about

running back up

and rolling down again

and again

do you remember that?

(c) Helen McKinlay

In spite of heavy frosts and the like I can smell spring in the air. Grass growing, buds shooting and lots of birdies which all got me thinking about one of my favourite childhood games… playing roly poly down the hill. I wrote the above a few years ago in a moment of whimsy.  It seems to me that children don’t do it so often now. Maybe it’s up to us adults to show them how… or vice versa! So here’s a challenge for all of you…first find your hill. Here’s mine below. I chose it this morning!

A roly poly sort of hill
A roly poly sort of hill

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