Tuesday Poem-My turn as editor of Tuesday Blog plus Sia Figiel reading ‘The Daffodils from a Native’s Perspective’

This week it’s my turn to edit the Tuesday Poem Hub. I chose Sia Figiel because I was inspired by her standout poetry, her joyfulness and  the fact that she is not afraid to address the truth. She is also a wonderful performance poet. Take a look at the video below.  Sia told me the poem was quite old… about fifteen years, but to me it is fresh and full of life. It was chosen in 2012 as part of the London Southbank Centre’s ‘poetry parnassus’, part of the Olympic celebrations, and has since been included in The World Record a book collection of the  poems included. Here is Sia reading her poem.

The Daffodils from a Native’s Perspective

Who else would have had the nerve and the humour to challenge Wordsworth and the British literary tradition? Go Sia!

I first encountered Sia a few weeks back when I found an obscure link to ‘Songs of the fat brown woman’ a poem which was judged one of the best NZ poems of 2003. I love this poem too, not just for its humour but its honesty and perception. There are many truths hidden therein.  However Sia writes with such exuberance and courage, it lifts the soul.   To read it go here

And be sure to read the author’s notes (below the poem).

It is Sia’s exuberance and strength which stand out when one reads her inspiring story, a decade later. So please click the Tuesday Poem page which showcases Sia Figiel  now and read the wonderful poem written for Matangi Tai and Sia’s own inspiring story. 


Enjoy the first week of Spring.  Brrr