Tuesday Poem – Blue Mountain

a mountain stands
in front of me
a mountain cold
and blue
I dare not hope to pass beyond

but then I further place my self
and sight the sea
out back
and a strange light
which beckons

no need to climb
this peak
but take instead
the long way round
observe the roots
from which its might has sprung
and leave a place
for wild imaginings

(c) Helen McKinlay

I wrote this a dozen years ago.  It was inspired by a picture but I like the message it sends me now. There are many mountains in life and some are best left to themselves.

Go well. Have a great week.  And do touch base with The Tuesday Poem Hub .  Today is Tuesday Poem’s fourth birthday and we celebrate with a unique collaboration of lines.  It’s rampant with the poetic senses. What’s not to love about it. 🙂