a Wednesday/Tuesday poem – Busquake


it’s the spaces inbetween

the subconscious waiting

Jesus, exclaims someone

as the bus shudders

 another one

but its not


and later

is it my body that pulses and shakes so

that lurch

am I really that unbalanced?




bizarre that one begins

to enjoy

the excitement

of the dance

forward back back forward

side forward back

the shared discussion in the aftermath


the way

a wall moves this way sometimes

that way, another


(c) Helen McKinlay


This fragment was written not long after the 2010 Christchurch quake. Like many others I have an earthquake collection. This one popped out at me, for which I am grateful, as it has been one of those weeks. A reminder that control is illusory…both the week and the poem…

Enjoy your week and do pop over to the Tuesday Poem Hub and read Nola Borrell’s delightful poem Tuatara, posted by this week’s editor, Janis Freegard. Nola and Janis are both writers in residence at New Pacific Studio in the Wairarapa. May you both be filled with ideas and the energy to record them.

One thought on “a Wednesday/Tuesday poem – Busquake

  1. A Wednesday/Tuesday poem 🙂 Love it. The way it toys with stressors such as the earthquakes and especially the beginning, – “it’s the spaces inbetween the subconscious waiting…”

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