Tuesday Poem – Retail Dressing Rooms


torture chambers for the vain
where every fault
is noted by the mirror
each flop of flesh
each drop of shoulder
tit and tum

these are places where I see
my haircut is too flat
I need to tone my thighs
the colour of my eyes
has faded
nothing seems to fit
me round the hips

and look how pale
the colour of my lips
why am I here
surrounded by these clothes
too big too small
I grab the lot and dump them
on the counter

too many wrinkles
too droopy
the fit not firm enough
the colours dull not me
not my style at all

(c) HMcKinlay

This poem is about an aha haha moment. How many times do we go to try on clothes which turn out to be badly made, the wrong size, the wrong colour? How many times do we beat ourselves up about it? Actually considering the number of different body shapes there are it’s a miracle anything fits. But one can usually find something. I am much better at it all now that I am of a mature age. Never mind that the shop assistant says it looks great. It’s how I feel that counts. Good luck with that yourselves!

Thought for the day from Deepak Chopra

‘I move through my days light-hearted and carefree, knowing all is well.’

There is a lovely short meditation on the topic here.

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