Tuesday Poem – My turn to edit the Tuesday Hub with guest Janis Freegard

Greetings All,

Janis Freegard is a talented (very) Wellingtonian. writer. She recently had the thrill of launching two books published by two different publishers on the same day! One was The Glass Rooster, published by Auckland University Press 2015 and the other is her first novel…The Year of Falling, published by Makaro Press Wellington.

Janis Freegard

Janis Freegard

Below you can watch Janis performing from The Continuing Adventures of Alice Spider. This is a great video and well worth a watch.The Continuing Adventures of Alice Spider, was published by US-based publisher, Anomalous Press in 2013. Paula Green reviewed the book and wrote that it is ‘a treasure box of sentences; economical, wry, agile. You could easily employ spider-like tropes to talk about the writing: the way it deftly weaves detail to unsettle the everyday. The way the poems spin a fine web that shimmer and shine with the glaze of a storyteller. The way the book as a whole embraces the simplicity and the beauty of a spider’s web. There is repetition. There is a love of language…’. This extract is from Janis’s NZ Book Council site. To read more go here


This week I am delighted to be hosting Janis, also a fellow Tuesday Poet, on the Tuesday Poem Hub. The poem is called Speaking of the Balloonist and it’s from The Glass Rooster, Janis’s latest poetry book. Do go and check it out and read more about Janis and her imaginative books. And if you like the poem/post feel free to leave a comment.

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