Tuesday Poem – leave your warm sleep by Lynn Tara Austin

she has touched

silence through
the upstairs window

language stilled
by the movement of stars

his back towards her
he sleeps

she keeps watch
he sleeps

slow so slow
the duvet cover pattern

wake up
wake up she whispers

hold me
in this cool light

Lynn comments: This poem originates from a sleepless night spent with a special other. The room we were in was upstairs and somehow the stars seemed closer than when seen from downstairs. I was aware of them out there orbiting, doing what they are meant to do and I was in here alone because of the absence (in his sleep) of my partner, how close we were but separate. I wouldn’t have felt that absence if I too had been asleep.The poem must have been mostly written over a decade ago and took some tweaking over time. The title was at one stage down the bottom as /leave your warm sleep/ hold me/ in this cool light/.

Starry Night - van Gogh

Starry Night – van Gogh

Helen comments:  It’s  a pleasure for me to publish this well observed and crafted cameo from Lynn Tara Austin. I have always admired her poetry. In Christchurch we were members of the same poetry group and she was an excellent example of the poet’s dedication to detail. In the poem above the line the ‘duvet cover pattern returning’ is a powerful example of this.

Bio in Brief: Lynn Tara Austin lives in Christchurch and is concerned today to hear that the city council wants to delist heritage trees. She is a long term member of the well known Airing Cupboard Women Poets group and the Small White Teapot Haiku Group and has performed her poetry in numerous venues. Her poems have been published in Micropress, Spin,The Press,Yellow Moon, paper wasp, listening to the rain, Fugacity, nzepc, Takahe,  Atlas Poetica 23 and NZ Poetry Society and AWCP anthologies.

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