Tuesday Poem – Classic Hair Designs by Moya Cannon

I really enjoy the poetry pages of The Guardian. Each time I drop in there is some new delight. So I thought I would share the latest with you.

It begins with the lines

Classic Hair Designs

Every day they are dropped off
at Classic Hair Designs,
sometimes in taxis,
sometimes by daughters,
often by middle-aged sons
in sober coats,
who pull in tight by the kerb,
stride around to the door,
and offer an arm….Read More  


This is a simple and tender poem about ‘pensioners’ and their visits to the hairdressers. it was Carol Rumen’s Poem of the Week last week. I recommend you read the whole poem as well as the excellent commentary on the poem from Carol. I wanted to share it with you now rather than waiting to find a contact for the writer. And now I am eager to contact her and get permission for another this time ‘whole’ poem. You can also read  a lovely interview with Moya, in The California Journal of Poetics.

Meanwhile back to The Guardian. They also have a Saturday Poem. You can read last Saturday’s here. It will pull at your heart strings!

If you want to read more Tuesday Poems go to the Tuesday Poem site and check out the the left hand column for all sorts of interesting posts.

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