Haiku for a cold week – The scorch of summer’s sun – Helen McKinlay

‘Brr’ is what I said as I climbed out of bed this morning to make myself a hot cocoa which I promptly spilt in the haste of getting back under the covers. Never mind, the cleaning up process warmed me up and the second cup was much enjoyed.

When I managed to get myself into the cold outdoors, I was reminded of the day last summer which inspired this haiku. How could it have been so hot?  And oh how we longed for a cool day.

 scorch of summer sun

shade from a butterfly’s wings

a surprise blessing

Monarch butterflies were profuse in my garden this year and I’m sure they were larger than normal. I really appreciated their gift of shade that day. And for the rest of summer, they were a constant presence, dancing among the dahlias or laying the odd egg on my very large swan plant.

And this is the sad part. The clever paper wasp was the wolf among the flowers. Much as I dislike them, I have to admire their particular talents. Beautiful in their own way they were also quick to snatch the goodies (monarch butterfly caterpillars) on the wing…grabbing them as I explained to someone …in their front paws and swooping off. And yes I know they have no paws but that was the action. Any monarch caterpillars to survive the season, had to be vigilant or just plain lucky. But still more butterflies came. In the end they outwitted the wasps!

Well the sun has now come out which always helps when one is pretending to be warm. And the snow is sparkling on the tops.

Enjoy your summers those of you who are experiencing the early days of such delights. May you find many butterfly wings to shade you!

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