Karuna or Corona

Yesterday I heard of how a friend of a friend mistakenly referred to the corona virus as the karuna virus.  Strangely, karuna means compassion.  Compassion for others, compassion for the self.

Karuā (in both Sanskrit and Pali) is generally translated as compassion and self-compassion.[1] It is part of the spiritual path of both Buddhism and Jainism.  See wikipedia for more.

Corona comes from the sixteenth century…borrowed from Latin for crown. It also has some rather magical meanings, for example, a circle of light that can sometimes be seen around the moon at night, or around the sun during an eclipse (= a time when the moon is positioned exactly between the sun and the earth) read more in the Cambridge Dictionary

Today I choose Karuā.



Here is a link to an inspiring video of Italians in lockdown singing from their balconies.



May the Karuā virus spread. And may we all catch compassion for ourselves and others. I wish you and us all aroha, good health and calm, in the face of panic.  Aroha nui Helen

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