The Man From in the Moon and The Peace of Wild Things

The Man From in the Moon by Helen McKinlay

There’s a rat-tat on my door.

It’s the man from in the moon.

He’s dropped his woolly socks

and he needs to find them soon.


He’s as worried as can be

cos he’s only got one pair

and his feet get cold and stiff

in the chilly moonlight air.


So I turn on all the lights

and look out all around

and I find them where they landed

in a puddle on the ground.


We put them through the wash

and dry them by the stove

and Mum gives him some spare pairs

from her woolly treasure trove.


And the next full moon he’s home

away up in the sky

with a smile upon his face

and a twinkle in his eye.


His toes are nice and warm

and he’s happy as can be

because he’s got his socks back

and that’s all thanks to me.

This poem, is for my granddaughter Thea who turns seven today, Friday 27th August. Thank you Thea for being a kind and bubbly granddaughter. Your enthusiasm for life is inspiring. As is your focus on whatever project you are working on. The moon and the stars have always been an important topic of conversation between us and so I hope you enjoy this poem.  And as I know you like to share I have put it up here so other children big and small can do so. Happy Birthday Thea. xxxx0000 Grammy. PS I hope you like his socks!

Today is  National Poetry Day in Aotearoa New Zealand. And I have added this link to a wonderful poem by Wendell BerryThe Peace of Wild Things, a very present poem for these times. I first came across it on The Poetry Pharmacy and if you go here you can listen to it as read by  the Poetry Pharmacy’s originator, William Sieghart, on the BBC .

Arohanui Helen

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