Grandma Goes to Gore

My children’s storybook Grandma character, loves being out and about at Christmas. A few years back she starred in the Christmas windows of Smith and Caughey’s department store in Auckland,when my book Grandma’s Kiwi Christmas, illustrated by Australian Craig Smith, was their book of choice and this year she is spending time in the lovely country town of Gore in the lower South Island NZ. But this time there is a difference. She is out and about in the parks and gardens. How did this come about? Well just a few weeks back a lovely lady called Teresa who works at Gore Library asked permission to use the above story  on their summer 2021-2022 StoryWalk®. Of course Grandma packed her bags at once. Fortunately she had just finished a batch of her restorative marmalade and was able to take that too.

There are eighteen  posts (or lecterns) distributed through the summery parks of Gore. Families and or children start at the beginning and read through the whole book on their way. Grandma is having a great time and it is not only an honour to share in Gore’s Christmas this way, but an enormous pleasure to contribute. And what a great idea StoryWalk®  is. Below are some of the photos, courtesy of Teresa and the Gore Library.

You can see Grandma in this one, setting off to fill in for the Christmas fairy in the local panto. And afterwards collapsing in her chair for a well deserved sleep. And below she is with the grandpas. She had been called on to administer some of her special marmalade to wake them up for  the Christmas parade, which of course she then took part in. Many thanks to Teresa and her helpers for all the hard work behind this installation. Thank you and Merry Christmas to the children of the world who give us a reason for being and share so much love.

Meri Kirihimete (Merry Christmas) to all of you everywhere. This has been an extraordinarily challenging year and my hope for us all for Christmas and the New Year of 2022, is good health, and lots of love and laughter. Much aroha to everyone. Helen and Grandma.

A collage of pictures also courtesy  of the Gore Library.

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