Thoughts on the poetry of nano particles from Shakespeare and me

I began this post several years ago. Watching my grandchildren emerge from nano beginnings, to small creatures with whom I rediscovered the stars, was my main inspiration…and then there was the ancient jurassic boulder which formed part of an environmental poetry project I was working on…and the relationship of all to stardust. And Shakespeare interrupted with his lines from his song from Cymbeline,”Fear no more the heat o the sun”

“Golden lads and girls all must,

As chimney-sweepers, come to dust”… which is of course about endings.

So this is a post about the wonder to be found in small things.  I hope my Ode to Clothes Pegs, below will make you smile.


Ode to Clothes Pegs 

Be you wooden plastic
sprung unsprung
your virtue
as a helpmate
is the same.

I cannot count
the ways
of your constancy.
And did you think
I hadn’t noticed
your ability to hold on

in high velocity situations?
I am proud too
that you hold your face
to the sun
unafraid to fade your beauty.

It comforts me
to gaze at you online
a string of bright butterflies
waiting for my pleasure.

Oh pegs
so much of life is in your grip.
You are the seal
on my food bag
the art deco
in my hair
the clip
on my trouser cuffs.
You will be there
until I
peg out.
And I want you

to know
that if I do succumb
to the hot spin
of a clothes dryer
we’ll still hang together


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