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AUGUST 2018:THE GRANDMA BOOKS have been around a long time now and during that time Grandma and I have had a lot of fun together…she is a very adventurous character! When she first decided to share some of her escapades, she chose National Radio NZ.  A few years later, she said she wanted to be in a book. A number of letters from Grandma fans encouraged this idea; Australian illustrator Craig Smith did her proud, and she became a bestseller for Harper Collins NZ. One of her finest moments since this happened, was when her story ‘Grandma’s Kiwi Christmas’ was the topic for Smith and Caughey’s Christmas windows. But what has really given her a thrill is the reenactment of her stories in a number of kindergartens and schools, by teachers and pupils alike.

GRANDMA´S WEEK OFF…the first Grandma book.
This is a story about a grandma who takes a week off from her usual tasks to try out some new and exciting activities. What I like about this character is that she combines common sense with a spirit of adventure. Grandma´s Week Off was popular on National Radio for a few years before it came out as a book. It was first broadcast in 1994. It then appeared on an RNZ tape called The Best of Ears.

Grandma Joins the All Blacks coverGRANDMA JOINS THE ALL BLACKS
This story begins with Grandma’s plans to be a ‘good grandma.’ She even takes her knitting when she goes to watch the All Blacks in training. She sits and waits and knits but where are the boys? They’re hiding in the change room. Luckily, there’s nothing wrong that a dose of Gran’s marmalade can’t fix.
Next morning however, the team refuses to get up. The coach asks Gran for help. ‘They need a break,’ she tells him. She puts her granny chores aside and leads the boys off for some fun and adventure. By Friday, their enthusiasm is restored. But on Saturday when Gran arrives at the stadium to cheer them on in the big match, disaster awaits. The captain has chicken pox. Grandma takes on yet another challenge as she dives into the fray, marmalade, boots and all.
Published by Harper Collins NZ, October 1st, 2007 and many times reprinted.
Grandmas Kiwi Christmas large cover image


Only five sleeps till Santa and Grandma´s a-go-go with mince pies and pantomimes. But with trouble at Santa´s house, adventure calls, and Grandma packs her handbag, buttons on her snowsuit and zips off to the North Pole. This story introduces Milly and Billy, Gran´s great grandchildren. And of course there is plenty of excitement for Scratch the marmalade cat.

Grandma Mees the Queen cover


Grandma is on holiday in London but the first day she is embroiled in a traffic jam at Piccadilly Circus. Her adventures continue when she sets off to watch the Changing of the Guard. But where are they? Gran sorts them out and on Wednesday, a royal invitation sends her galloping down Pall Mall to morning tea at the Palace. The two grannies make a splendid pair and by Thursday they are flying tandem above the Thames. Come Saturday the Queen has overdosed on cucumber sandwiches and is forced to take a break. Fortunately, our ever practical Gran knows just what to do. But so does the Queen and she issues a royal decree.

The ‘Grandma’ books are available at many places online and from all good bookshops.