Tuesday Poem – Thoughts From a Botanical Gardens Tree Hugger

Thoughts From a Botanical Gardens Tree Hugger

I hug trees.

I like the large ones best.

First of all I hold my hand in close

feel the heat from its trunk

place my ear against its pulse

then stretch my arms around it

and murmur ‘Yggdrasil.’


But there is one tree in the gardens

surrounded by a fence.

The poles are black and shiny

the sign bright yellow.

“This red beech is declining’

it says ‘and may drop large branches

at any time.  Please stay back.’


Reminds me of us humans

when we come of age.

Pop us in the bed

pull up the side rails.

‘This person is declining and may dribble

drop its food and other things

or toss its limbs about.

Please stay back.’


So I ask you when it’s my turn

remove the barriers

hug me

and whisper the word



The Botanical Gardens in Christchurch is one of my favourite places.   I’m not there at present so not sure how this tree is going.


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