Tuesday Poem – Roly Poly by Helen McKinlay

Do you remember


over and over

down a green hill?


Do you remember

the freedom

and the touch of the earth

as it massaged your bones?


And what about

running back up

and rolling down again

and again

do you remember that?

A roly poly sort of hill

I first posted this poem a number of years ago.  At the time I wrote, “A fragment of roly polying for you today… apologies if you thought it was a pudding recipe.  Date Roly Poly for example or Apple.  No, just a reminder to look for a good hill to roll down when the grass is dry…you can of course do it now but will probably get a trifle damp!” It was still winter then.

I wanted to write something today. I   tried yesterday  but what to say. Life has been pretty serious lately and I do hope you are all finding moments of delight. It is autumn in lockdown New Zealand and while we seem to be doing well, only time will tell how long it will all take before life returns to normal. I feel there will be a new norm and that is exciting. I feel too for those in other parts of the world who have lost loved ones and been through and are still going though extraordinarily difficult times.  May the future bring joy. Children are a joy to so many and I am so proud of the way the children I know are responding to change. I am going online in half an hour with my granddaughters who have been rehearsing a song for me. I really look forward to that! Meanwhile stay well and I wish you small moments of delight. And maybe you and/or the kids or grandkids can try a spot of roly polying down a green hill. It was one of my favourite things when young. If you have no hills and can’t go outside a mattress and a few cushions will do the job. Next Tuesday I have a poem by James Norcliffe, called Cow, also inspired by children and childhood. Arohanui, Helen