Salute to Flash Frontier International Edition on love in the face of tragedy

I am very behind in this world of flash fiction. But I am so glad it is here. it offers something rather like like shooting stars at night. Here’s how one well known New Zealand writer, and teacher, Frankie McMillan describes it.

“Flash fiction – a rooster running this way and that, his red comb lighting small fires in the woods.”

The founder of Flash Fiction in New Zealand is Michelle Elvy and it would be hard to describe her multiple talents in a few short words. In this excerpt from an excellent interview with Michelle about how she combines her various editing and writing responsibilities with living and travelling on a yacht, Michelle has this to say about flash fiction.I think the term ‘flash fiction’ is simply one of many to describe the very short form  ‒ micro fiction, smokelong fiction, sudden fiction, quick fiction” 

Flash Frontier is the name of the bi-monthly online journal of flash fiction which started in NZ but now includes international editions.

The April edition is about love | ἀγάπη | mehr | 爱 | mettā | محبة | aroha

The editors have collected  words and art by New Zealand and international writers who choose to maintain art and beauty in the face of tragedy. This is a special edition which has allowed for a longer word count and as well as flash fiction it includes poetry, creative nonfiction and art. 

It is truly inspiring and if you had any doubts about the existence of love and compassion in this world, please read it. There is sadness, there is truth there is courage, there is dynamism and there is wonderful art.  I am humbled in the very best of ways to have shared my own poem After Al Noor within its pages.